moroccan pro windsurfeur
Soufian Sahli

Birth : 1991

Living place : Essaouira (Morocco)

Soufian is one of the most talented windsurfer of Morocco. His kindness and his “joie de vivre” are known by all people they meet him.

New folder of windsurf pictures

It's been a long time I didn't post something here, sorry ! You can join me on Facebook, and see some pictures of almost daily sessions we have here in Morocco.

Summer 2013 was pretty fun, with all the regular friendly visitors coming back here, and the Hot Games event, but sadly there was not solid conditions to show in pictures or videos.

2014 is a very good year so far. Kauli Seadi (3 time waves world champion) came in February, and discovered Morocco for the first time. Reda, a friend and owner of Wave Hunter Surf Shop in Rabat, took some good shots of sessions we had during these weeks.

Click here to see the full album.

Shooting Wave Hunter 2014Shooting Wave Hunter 2014Shooting Wave Hunter 2014Shooting Wave Hunter 2014Shooting Wave Hunter 2014

Next time I will post a few summer videos and pictures.

Land shooting

Happy new year !

I wish you simply the best for what we can hope in common this year : wind, waves and opportunities to live our passions, and also traveling a bit inch'allah.

A long time since my last news posted here... I was working on the shooting of Land for two monthes, and it was reeeally exhausting ! Especially the week on open sea. I share here a few pics but if you want to know and see much more of the "behind the scene", come visit the Land Facebook page and watch the video made by Mystic.

Unfortunately, we didn't have THE perfect session I was expecting to complete the video that a friend was working on with summer shots. So it will stay a 2 minutes clip that he will publish online very soon.

Now for me it's time to have a rest with friends and think about future projects...

Marouane (3rf assistant) / me / Amine (1st assistant)Boujmaa actingAmazing camera mount (steadicam)Sunset shotBoujmaa showJan (Director) and Thekla (the dutch star)Me on open seaFamily photo

Teaser – Video for Mystic

Hello everybody,

Summer is ending, with its regular windy conditions for windsurfing here in Moulay. So we had a few sessions recorded for the video I was talking about a month ago. Now we have a 2'30'' video that I would expand to 4 minutes with better conditions for waves expected in september/october.

Hope that we will have it soon... but here is for you a teaser of this incoming video.

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