Last week I was in Gruissan (south of France) for a big windsurf event : the Défi Wind.

It's a long race with over 1000 windsurfers, the world's biggest ! Unfortunately, the wind was not strong enough to run. We just made a funny race, won by Anders Brindal.

I was there with Faycel, my coach Fettah, and Lucie, a nice french girl who drived us from Toulouse to Gruissan and taked photos. Next days we are driving to Cannes, for the film "Land" which I'm playing in.

We ask to some famous riders and people to sign a t-shirt for a very nice friend, Cathy, the adjoint director of the Club Mistral in Essaouira, who helped us a lot to travel in France. Thank you very much Cathy ! And also thank you Philippe Bru, the event director, who invited and took care of us.

Following are some photos of the Défi.